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Nylon Kit Bag


SLDSL offers the latest range of Kit Bags for use of Jawans after thoroughly studying the needs of the actual users. SLCL Kit Bag is made from superior quality Synthetic Nylon and webbings for best comfort and usage during standard operations.

SLDSL KIT BAG features:-

  • Size of bag is L-26” & W- 12” with additional pockets of size 11” x 11” which offers maximum space to keep all types of items.
  • Good quality Zip fastener has been provided and additional Velcro strap has been provided below all zips to avoid water penetration and also to provide support to zip fastener.
  • One long adjustable belt with foam cushioning pad is for lifting the bag through shoulder, additional shoulder strap is also provided so that the bag can be carried on the shoulder.
  • Camouflage pattern is used so as to maintain uniformity with uniform.
  • Two small pockets on either side for keeping self identification card.
  • Provision for locking of bag is also provided
  • Plastic butts have been used at the bottom so as to avoid rusting of base cloth.

SLDSL KIT BAG advantages:-

  1. Nylon cloth for better tearing strength and Protection against rain & water
  2. Adjustable size and design for comfort.
  3. Easy to lift and carry.
  4. Lightweight and long life.

SLDSL KIT BAG is made of:-

  1. Nylon Disruptive P U Coated fabric 250 Grams.
  2. O.G. colour zips, with heavy duty fasteners.
  3. Heavy duty plastic buckles.
  4. Nylon Sewing Thread for Aerospace purpose.
  5. Latex Foam for padding.
Nylon Kit Bag

Last Updated: Monday, 17 June 2019 14:40