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Shrilakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd.

Jacket Wind CheaterKnight - 360 Protection Body Armour

Knee / Elbow Guard



  • SLDSL provide effective padding/cushioning to Knees & Elbows.
  • Knee & Elbow pads from SLDSL are effective on various surfaces including indoors & outdoors operations.

02. EFFECT:- Adequate durability and ease of use. Facilitate normal movement of Knee & Elbow.

03. USAGES:- Adjustable brace for different width & girth. Tough abrasion resistant material.

04. Maintenance:- Washable & anti skid material Water proof material Light in weight Colour as per requirement.

05. Ballistic Elbow & Knee Pads:- SLDSL Elbow pads can also be proved against level IIA ballistic protection

Knee / Elbow Guard
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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 13:15