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Shrilakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd.

Mark IIIMobile Jammer (GSM, EGSM, CDMA, 3G)

Mark Iv
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Mark Iv

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  • SLDSL has developed the latest version of NBC suits i.e. NBC suit Mark IV which gives the Maximum protection of up to 24 hours from the infiltration of Poisonous gasses, Biological and Chemical agents etc.
  • The suit consists of a hooded jacket and trousers. NBC Gloves, Boots and Mask have to be procured separately. Outer shell of the suit comprises of Inherently Fire retardant Polyester fabric which is Water and Oil repellent as well thus it does not permit the Droplets of Mustard gas or any other lethal agent from entering the outer fabric.
  • The inner layer is a three layer fabric comprising of a skin friendly PV fabric, highly activated Spherical Carbon beads and a Non woven fabric that keeps the beads intact. This inner fabric is rigorously tested for Break Through of poisonous gas/ vapours for at least 24 hours, within which time the soldiers can easily be shifted to a safe area free from these agents.
  • The outer shell is also printed with the visual Camouflage pattern as required by the terrain in which these suits would be deployed. The suits are made in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

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