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Reconfigurable Wideband all-in-one Jammer


Jampro is a programmable jamming system which provides a user friendly interface in selecting the frequency bands and the jamming power. Jampro employs software radio technology to enable the generation of efficient jamming waveforms which enhances the power efficiency of the jammer. Additionally, it offers a discrete control of the output power by using innovative discrete power control module. The combination of digital signal generation and the discrete power control enables a versatile jamming with flexibility in both jamming signal and jamming power control.


  • Flexible frequency selection using a user friendly GUI interface

  • Programmability in frequency band and output power

  • Man pack & vehicle installation kits

  • Rugged water tight construction

  • Dedicated outputs for GSM frequency bands

  • HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave (up to 2 Ghz)



  • GSM Jamming

  • IED/RCIED Jamming

  • Tactical Radio Jamming

  • Tetra Jamming

  • GPS Jamming


Reconfigurable Wideband all-in-one Jammer
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Last Updated: Monday, 17 June 2019 14:47