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Shrilakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd.

Hard Armour Ceramic Plates (Inserts) Level IIIHarness System

Hard Armour Ceramic Plates (Inserts) Level IV
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Hard Armour Ceramic Plates (Inserts) Level IV

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SLDSL also has a range of INSERTS for Body Protection-AGAINST A P ROUNDS. The main difference between Level III plates and Level IV plates is that Level IV plates are designed to withstand Steel Core or Armour Piercing (AP) ammunition. We uses alumina and silica carbide- tiles of varying thickness depending upon the specific needs of the customers.SLDSL Armour offers a full spectrum of HARD INSERTS and designs in Body Armour and vehicle protection, ensuring a range to suit all budget and shapes.

Our SLDSL Si C and Al C, ceramic Body Armour products include:

* Single curvature monolithic plates.

* Double curvature monolithic plates.

* Groin Plates.

* Throat Plates.

* Side waist plates.

* HAP weighs from 2.1kg to 2.4 kg each.

Our all product range are tested and proven to be ideally suited against defeating steel and AP calibre threats.

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