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Gloves RappellingHard Armour Ceramic Plates (Inserts) Level IV

Hard Armour Ceramic Plates (Inserts) Level III
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Hard Armour Ceramic Plates (Inserts) Level III

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  • Our NIJ Level III Multi-Hit SLDSL, anti-Rifle Plate is among the lightest plate, against rifle threats of up to 7.62 X 51 mm FMJ NATO BALL from military machine guns. Also stop AK47, 7.62 X 39 mm, with mild steel core and all lower assault / hunting rifles including ALL handgun projectiles.
  • Our NIJ Level III SLDSL plate is ergonomically designed and features a shrapnel / ricochet stopper construction with mould-edge construction.
  • It has been specifically designed to fit both front or back standard issue 10' X 12' vest pockets.Weight-1.5kg.
  • Our NIJ Level III Plate is designed to stop at least 6 rounds from High-velocity military assault rifles as the SLR and the AK-47, with low blackface deformation (trauma) provided no solid steel penetrator or armour piercing ammos is used.

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