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Shrilakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd.

Knee / Elbow GuardKnight Full Body Torso-FBT

Knight - 360 Protection Body Armour
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Knight - 360 Protection Body Armour

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The SHRI LAKSHMI KNIGHT is one among the most suitable tactical B.P. jacket available today. KNIGHT has number of new and innovative, features, and offers outstanding tactical protection with options to customise as per individual needs.



  • External 10 * 12 front and back plate pockets.
  • Maximum side protection up gradable to level III or IV.
  • Maximum throat & neck protection with back ballistic split collar.
  • Ballistic sleeves for upper arm, removable "C-wing" offering extended front shoulder and rear arm ballistic protection.
  • Adjustable from all sides and also available in front closing system.
  • Solid front - side opening.
  • Non- skid pads on front top for rifle back grip.
  • Camelback hydration system attachments on back.
  • External side straps adjust with Velcro under front flap.
  • Adjustable shoulder system.
  • Over - the - shoulder ballistic protector.
  • Pull down groin guard from inside.
  • Rear drag - strap, hidden front inside.
  • Heavy duty Poly duck fabric.
  • pull down front groin guard pocket for optional protection.
  • 4"*12" front and back attachment points for optional ID tags.
  • Snap & Velcro attachment points for optional ID tags , 1" or 2 " molle webbing attachment system .
  • Pockets on shoulders.
  • pull down rear/ tail guard and pocket.
  • Flex cuff pockets.
  • Adjustable 6 " wide elastic side with Velcro closures.
  • Cool packet - front and back.


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