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Ballistic Shields
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Ballistic Shields

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SLDSL-KNIGHT Ballistic shield are made of lightweight polyethylene/Kevlar plate and are provided with bullet proof glass viewing mirror and a rifle support loop. SLDSL Bullet Proof shield provides protection upto LEVEL II, IIA, III.

SLDSL BP shield are fitted with straps and handles that are easy to carry and positioning of shield during combat operations

SLDSL BP SHIELD weighs around 12kg to 40 kg, depending upon size and threat level.


a) Minimum 50 cm, Maximum 60 cm.
b) Minimum 80 cm, maximum 130 cm.

Also has one sliding Bullet Proof view port.

Is ergonomically designed for easy carriage and combat effectiveness.

Has all weather mission capability.

Has provision to fit light system.

Has provision to fit on trolley system.


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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 13:17