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Shrilakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd.

Luxury Armoured Vehicles

  • SHRI LAKSHMI DEFENCE armoured SUV vehicles are built to protect VIPs, royalty, executives, families and government officials.

  • We also manufacture armoured cash Transit carrying vehicles

  • We have experience in recent times armouring Ford. HONDA, Nissan. Toyota and Mercedes vehicles.

  • The SUV armoured vehicles can be manufactured to defeat small hand guns to heavy military assault rifles using AP rounds.

  • We take into account engine power, suspension and brakes, as well as climate control, run flat tyres , communications and the survivability of necessary components such as the fuel tank, battery and radiator.

  • The armoured glass used has excellent ballistic capabilities and resists spalling and delamination.

  • In clear, it has very high quality optical characteristics and can be tinted in manufacturing if required.

  • The design of the glass ensures it is virtually undetectable when fitted

  • We now offer the Ford Endeavour for the VVIPS

  • Our armoured SUV vehicles incorporate the Latest armour composite technologies available.

  • Utilising materials such as HHA steel, silicon carbide , boron carbide, alumina oxide , Dupont Kevlar, Spectra Shield and Dyneema products.

Vehicle Specifications

Last Updated: Monday, 17 June 2019 15:44