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Dhruv Executive
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Dhruv Executive

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DHRUV EXECUTIVE is yet another high security level armoured vehicle with comfortable seating for a fully equipped response team of ten men which operates as a perfect petrol vehicle for police forces in urban areas and can be used for transporting 6 V.VIP’s. The same is available in B 6 and B 7+ ARMOUR PROTECTION, with lot many interior features to suit the V.VIP s functioning .This also has 2 turrets for light and heavy weapon mountings. This vehicle is armoured from all sides and corners with a same protection level.


• A perfect patrol vehicle for police forces urban areas and can be used for transporting WIP’S.

• Has comfortable seating for a fully equipped response team of ten men.

• Special seating arrangement for 6 men’s in case of VVIP’s movement.

• Based on the Ford F550 AMERICAN LHD chassis,and now has been developed on Indian right hand drive chasis.

• Protection level of B4 can be also uparmored to B7.

• Runflat tyres and after armouring having an excess payload of 4 tons.

• Top speed of 160 kmph on American ford chasis arid 95 kmph on Indian chasis.

• The vehicle is designed to have high profile in structure. The reason of the high and imposing appearance is to attract attention in the crowd and discourage the groups, generating a psychological effect on people.

• This profile, not only allows the crew or VVIP’S to have a wide view of sight but also enables controlling the progressing events outside the vehicle.

• The lean and flat designed vehicle outer body panels prevent rioters climbing up and the inclined root tap does not allow flammable and flaring materials, like Molotov cocktail, stick to the roof

• The frame is designed especially for heavy duly on and off-rood conditions, Independent air conditioning with auxiliary power unit.


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