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Dhruv ATC
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Dhruv ATC

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In Early 2009, Sri Lakshmi Defence armouring division started working on ARMOUR TROOP CARRIER MODEL. The DHRUV ATC is suitable for the Police or internal security role. DHRUV is based on R.H.D. Indian Chasis with carrying capacity of 10 to 12 persons +2 sleepers & working space with rotating turrets & exceptionally viewing large armoured glass and air conditioning The BIG vehicle That can move swiftly In urgent need with roaring power - Shri Lakshmi Defence Is committed to provide the best protection and mobility to our troops through the most difficult & threatening terrain circumstances They get that with the DHRUV-ATC Because its engineered specifically for their difficult missions to move them in complete the operation and get them out as safely as possible.

The DHRUV - ATC incorporates rugged, durable, indigenous components and systems for maximum mobility & survivability. Derived from the Dhruv executive platform, the DHRUV-ATC incorporates the newly developed independent suspension system with tested technology. It has the wheel travel, payload capacity. Side slope stability, vehicle durability, extreme mobility and necessary operational protection in today’s naxalite fight. In the most challenging fighting zones, the DHRUV-ATC is the combat-tested, mobile, survivable, durable solution, the solution to getting troops to the fight and back again.

FEATURES: DHRUV-ATC based Indian sturdy RHD chassis with modified independent suspension:


  • Rugged and reliable on powertrain with run flat on Michelin Tyres.

  • Mature, effective, tested armour configuration by special task force.

  • Outstanding balanced system design.

  • Proven durable, best-in-class mobility for rugged terrain & 70% off-road duty.

  • Ability to traverse mountainous terrain with ease.

  • 8 Hanging/suspended blast resistant seats with 2 sleepers.

  • Seats blast panels removable to be used as body armour panels in emergency.

  • Provided with air conditioner 1.5 ton, ability to run on investors (80Ova).

  • 360 degree rotating turret with gun mounting system

  • 2 +1 rear door, with large viewing windows.

  • 5 gun ports with viewing capability

  • Consistent, survivable crew protection available in the high volumes needed

  • Minimises operator and maintenance training: maximises crew effectiveness.

  • TFT Screen with audio video system

  • P.A. SYSTEM with rebroadcasting system

  • Weapon storage stand

Vehicle Specifications

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